Onyx Computing has released Tree Professional 5.0, its tree and vegetation modeller, and the company promises Mac OS X support early next year.

Tree Professional 5.0 includes support for Maxon's Cinema 4D - the 3D-modelling, -animation and -rendering package.

David Link, managing director of Cinema 4D's UK distributors HiSoft, said: "Tree Professional 4.0 is available for the Mac now, but Onyx has no plans to release a Mac version of 5.0 yet.

OS X support "Onyx has already developed a version of the application that supports Mac OS X, and this will be released as soon as Apple releases the final version of its twenty-first century Operating System."

Link hinted at a February release for the product – but said the actual release date would depend on Apple. Apple has not committed to a definite release date for Mac OS X, though reports hint at a February 24 release.

The application is a parametric modeller that creates trees guided by data on the anatomy and principles of tree growth – this data is built into the algorithms (mathematical equations that instruct the application). This means that Tree Pro 5.0 can create and model an infinite number of trees, tree species, palms and bushes, according to the compamy.

Tree Professional 5.0 for the Mac will cost £365.