Apple has published a look at how Trident, a large UK graphics and design house, moved to Mac OS X.

The piece, called Inspiring Design, examines how the company moved its 300 Macs and two Xserves across to Mac OS X.

The company's client list includes: Proctor & Gamble, The Body Shop, Cussons and Philips Lighting. The company provides artwork for these firms' entire range of products.

Company director Jon Stevens said: "We have a real passion for what we do. This is, in part, due to the Apple brand - it's inspiring technology."

The company is one of the first major Mac-based design houses to make the transition to OS X.

"I honestly believe that with OS X, Apple's future is stronger than ever and we wanted to be part of that," Stevens said.

The integration and performance of the company's two Xserves has been so good it has acquired two more, with which it plans to replace its Windows NT server set-up.