Apple was awarded an Emmy last night in recognition of FireWire's "material impact on the television industry".

The prestigious US Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has bestowed a 2001 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award on the company.

Apple, along with other companies such as Sony, invented FireWire in the mid-90's. The company has developed it into a widely-accepted cross-platform standard. It's of particular use for high-bandwidth data-transfer applications, such as video editing and authoring. FireWire has a maximum transfer speed of 400Mbps. Now, the standard has been widely adopted by a number of major players in the industry, including Sony (as iLink) and as part of Yamaha's emerging mLAN musical-instrument networking solution.

Jon Rubinstein, Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering, said: "Apple enabled the desktop-video revolution with the invention of FireWire. Today, Apple builds FireWire into every Mac it sells, and it's a key component of Apple's digital-hub strategy."

Apple claims it has become the world's largest supplier of video-editing solutions for both the professional and consumer markets.