German-based firm Fast TV Server demonstrated its Mac-compatible media-server solutions at CeBIT this week.

The company also offers its own online UK TV-program listings service that works in conjunction with its products.

The company's TV-Server TVS 200-N is a network-capable hard-disk TV recorder that lets programmes recorded from TV be transferred to a Mac or PC for archive or editing.

Other media files - such as iTunes MP3s, or iPhoto image collections - can also be selected and played on the TV using the device, which integrates with the company's TV-listings service. Users can access and use the listings service to schedule TV watching and recording in advance. The TV-listing feature also lets users schedule what they want remotely using the Internet.

The developers say the product can record up to 200 hours of programming to its 160GB hard drive. Just like TiVo, the device also offers time-shift TV programming. This allows users to pause a live programme, or play a recording from the beginning while still recording.

The product also supports 100MB Ethernet, so can be installed on a home network. This means seamless exchange of data with the Mac. This has the added feature of allowing end-users to burn shows to DVD or VCD.

The TV Server can also transfer any previously stored media formats for storage and playback. Such assets can be selected, started and viewed using the TV set - music can be played; as can videos or still images.

The company also presented its new FAST Media Player 100-N. This network-capable player (which works in conjunction with the TVS 200-N) also allows films, photos or music stored on a Mac be selected, viewed or listened to using a TV.

The product supports all common media formats, such as MP3, JPEG, or MPEG-4, 2, or 1, and is built to sit on the home network, with computer-archived data navigable through a menu interface on the TV set using a remote control. Used in conjunction with the TVS 200-N recorded programs stored on the latter product can be viewed in other rooms of the house.

FAST CEO Matthias Zahn said: "The Media Player has enormous potential because the uses for digital photos, videos or music held on the hard-disk are huge."

The products ship in summer 2003. The company has not yet established a UK sales channel for the product.