While Apple declined to discuss its Music Store sales during last night’s results announcement, it confirmed a massive 140 per cent increase in iPod sales, year-on-year. 336,000 units shipped across the last quarter – just over two iPod sales per minute.

Apple chief financial officer Fred Anderson confirmed the Windows/Mac iPod sales split to be around 50/50 each. The company's MP3 player contributed $121 million to its bottom line.

Apple said that research firm NPD had confirmed that the iPod remains as the number one MP3 player in the market. Apple hopes to boost sales of its product even more; Anderson confirmed last night that the company is arranging deals with new outlets. The product should be available at 8,000 resellers worldwide before Christmas, he said.

The company is announcing more plans relating to its music endeavors today at 6pm (BST). These are expected to include iTunes and iTunes Music Store for Windows, and a possible deal with Pepsi, under which music lovers will be able to obtain some tracks for free.

With strategies and products like these, Anderson sees Apple as "well-positioned" for the holiday shopping season.

In other news, the company said its direct sales accounted for 43 per cent of its overall sales in the quarter, and 39 per cent of sales in the financial year.

He added that the company's Apple Solutions Experts (ASE) scheme now had 300 employees globally. ASE workers are positioned in third-party retailers, such as PC World in the UK. Paid for and trained by Apple, they seek to ensure that consumers at these stores can get the advice they need regarding Mac products, in an attempt to mend the traditional Mac-blindness that salespeople in such stores have.