The UK has been hit by a shortage of iPods, with resellers complaining they are unable to keep pace with demand.

Neeley Casserly, marketing manager of Reading-based reseller Rapid Group, said: "There are supply issues with high-capacity iPods. At the moment there’s an eight-week delivery lag".

Meanwhile, Justin Huckfield – director of Nexus Graphic Systems – says that "iPods are bad news”, adding: “I just can't get them from Apple.”

Some resellers claim one problem is that Apple’s priority seems to be keep its own online Apple Store stocked with iPods. One reseller, who wished to remain unnamed, suggested Apple “must treat resellers with more respect if it wants to increase market share”.

Another reseller claimed to have been reduced to buying via mail-order and from John Lewis to meet demand for iPods.

All iPod configurations remain available on the UK Apple Store, although there is a two to three week waiting time.

An Apple spokesman said: "There is heavy demand for iPods, and the company is doing everything it can to keep up with this".

Demand has been huge worldwide. Most recently, Australia Reseller News reported a shortage in Australia, with similar reports emerging from Irish sources. The company sold its millionth iPod in its third financial quarter.

The product has become the ultimate celebrity trinket, with A-list owners including the Beckhams, David Bowie and Robbie Williams.