The digital music revolution continues with news this morning that thousands of UK pubs will soon be introducing broadband-enabled jukeboxes with access to millions of tracks.

Inspired Broadcast Networks – better known for its network of Wi-Fi hot spots, The Cloud – has disclosed some details regarding its music plans. The player is designed to replace the traditional jukebox, and offers paying punters access to an online database of two million songs.

The company claims the service will also offer pre-released tracks, predicting that 300 new tracks will be added each day.

"For a modern consumer, accustomed to instant access to millions of the latest tracks from MTV, Napster and the iPod, the traditional juke’s combination of terrible compilations and lack of new music does not compare. This has resulted in declining juke incomes and pub retailers scrapping in excess of 1,000 jukeboxes per year across the UK," the company said.

The system is being introduced in partnership with Entertainment UK, itself part of high-street giant, Woolworths. As they listen to music, drinkers will be able to order a physical CD of the album be sent to their home. The companies hope to offer them the option of having MP3s of the songs emailed to them (for a charge) starting next year. Payment using cash or a credit card is required. Ringtones will also be available for sale.