Storage Solutions: Plasmon announce UDO

Data storage specialist Plasmon announced the global debut of its Ultra Density Optical (UDO) drive and media at the CeBIT computer show in Germany earlier this month.

Using state-of-the-art blue-laser optics and Phase Change recording technology, UDO increases data storage capacity and enables true Write Once and Rewritable media formats.

First-generation UDO drives will support 30GB media capacities, growing to 60GB and 120GB in the future. This new technology is seen as the natural successor to current 9.1GB Magneto Optical (MO) technology - the UDO cartridge will be physically identical to 5.25-inch MO to maintain library compatibility.

Products are expected to ship in August, although are not currently available for Macs. When released, UDO will be available in Plasmon's G-Series automated libraries, in addition to the libraries of other leading vendors, and will be supported by a range of archival software solutions.

Plasmon will be demonstrating UDO at this year's Information Management Expo (iMX). IMX will be travelling to five different locations throughout the UK between April 29 and May 9.