UK advertising watchdogs have rejected complaints that Apple's recent 'Get A Mac' ads were misleadingly pointing out that Macs are less virus-prone than Windows systems on the grounds that the claims are correct.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has been investigating a small number of complaints made against Apple's televised ads, but rejected these complaints partially on the basis of a letter from an IT security system.

That letter - submitted in its defence by Apple - stated that Windows systems face many more security risks than Mac or Linux systems.

An ASA spokesman told ViewLondon: "Apple sent excerpts from news articles on the number of viruses identified for PCs, which stated that Macs did not face the same security risks as PCs."

Some complainers had argued that the ads had been misleading as they didn't point out that Linux and other systems are similarly less prone to viruses, but the ASA argued that anyone watching the ads would understand them to be comparisons between Mac and Windows systems.