UK-based ISP Direct Connection has launched its first ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) product, the business-level Direct ADSL service.

The service offers all the features of ADSL - including 24/7, always on, high-speed Internet access. It's available at three speeds – 512Kbps, 1Mbps, and 2Mbps downstream, 256Kbps upstream.

ADSL technology lets users make both voice and data calls simultaneously on one line. This is because the frequency used for voice is different from that used by data transmissions.

Direct Connection is also offering email delivery through a Pop3 mailbox, a dial-up capability for remote access, a or .com domain name, and 20MB of Web space.

Three flavours Three services are available. Direct ADSL 500 offers 512Kbps and costs £1,200 per year (£100 per month). Direct ADSL 1000 offers 1Mbps, and costs £1,920 per year (£160 per month). Direct ADSL 2000 offers 2Mbps, and costs £2,520 (£210 per month). All three services share the same £270 set-up fee.

Bob McNinch, chief operating officer of Direct Connection, told Macworld: "UK business customers have been waiting a long time for the benefits ADSL will bring. Direct ADSL is the ideal solution for businesses with a high volume of data traffic."