Apple has quit Apple Expo 2000, leaving the UK with no central focus for the Apple community. Reaction among Apple's loyal-but-hurt UK-based public, has been furious. Since the story broke yesterday Macworld has been inundated with readers' letters.

"This is the old Apple all over again, lots of promises-no delivery."

- Stephen Doherty

"I am disgusted by Apple. It’s treating the UK Mac community like second-rate cousins. I have been under a lot of pressure to leave the Mac platform, but have it’s on an even keel, Apple have stuck two fingers up to us. This is my last Apple computer."

- Darren English (Mac user for seven years)

"Apple is a large, US-based company. Like most large companies it is out-of-touch and arrogant. So long as it continues to make truly great computers for the rest of us we can be as contemptuous of Apple as it is of us. We expect Apple to reflect the quality of the work of its employees and the devotion of its users. It doesn't, it never will."

- David Sherwell

"Apple's decision to pull out of Expo 2000 shows how little it thinks of the UK market. After the last fiasco I see no future for another serious Mac show. Why should we support Apple through good and bad when it repays us like this? PC World here I come."

- Anonymous

"Apple would do well to realise that not all Mac users can afford to go to Paris. Apple, do yourself a favour, if you want to keep your market share of the home computer market in the UK, think again about this decision."

- Chris Wade

"The US is a bit too far for even the most loyal Mac user to come and meet up with users, developers, resellers - and most of all Apple. It's a bit lonely doing this all by the Internet on this side of the road."

- Mark Smith

"I feel that Apple is going to let its one major advantage, its customer loyalty go down the toilet. As a small reseller selling solutions, not boxes, I feel that Apple will not exist in the business market in a year's time. I think the time has come to bite the 'Gates' bullet and become a clone."

- Jim Panks, Computer Techniques, Kent.

"I am absolutely disgusted. No Mac show in the UK at all? For four years! First it fails to fulfil G4 orders and now THIS! ...Thousands of people were looking forward to this event. I want to scream at these people!"

- Stuart Ramdeen, Network Administrator.

"So, Apple was going to have a big Apple show, with Jobs attending. We looked at Paris with envy, but we knew he'd soon be in the UK. I have travelled from Ireland for the last 3 years to attend the show. Now Apple says that only the US matters (Paris is just to avoid completely abandoning Europe). I won't be attending if Apple is a no show. I feel the same anger for the exhibitors. If I was them I'd be getting in touch with my lawyers/the organisers."

- Stephen Doherty

"I'd encourage every Macintosh user in the UK to pound Apple's mail box with your dissatisfaction."

- Charles Cusumano

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