Apple UK is offering an Apple Store promotion on Intego security products until April 4.

The Apple Store is selling Intego Internet Security Barrier X Family Edition for £43. This is a bundle of three products, including NetBarrier X, VirusBarrier X and ContentBarrier X. Normally, the products cost £43 each. The Family Edition will cost £67 after the offer ends.

NetBarrier X is an Internet security solution for Macs. It offers a four-level defence against hacks, with a personal firewall, an attempted intrusion alarm, Internet filtering and cookie, spam and Web-banner controls.

VirusBarrier X protects against Web-borne viral attacks. It checks files, including System and Macro files, and stops the forwarding of PC viruses. It works in both automatic and manual modes.

ContentBarrier X is an Internet-content filtering solution for Macs. It allows parents to prevent their children accessing violent, racist or pornographic sites and chat rooms.

The collection ships with one year's free technical support.