The Rapid Group is offering UK creatives their first chance to look at Adobe's new Creative Suite products on October 7.

The reseller is offering a free Digital Photography and Print Solutions event in Bournemouth at the Connaught Hotel, in which attendees can expect a two-hour seminar from Photoshop guru Guy Gowan, followed by a two-hour session on Print solutions in the afternoon.

Adobe announced its new Creative Suite graphics products on Monday.

The photography session focuses on new Photoshop CS features for professional photographers and integrating Adobe Creative Suite into workflows.

Photoshop CS lets photographers work with RAW image data from digital cameras and includes comprehensive editing support for 16-bit colour images. Colour across images can be synchronized with Match Colour, and Shadow/Highlight correction cures exposure problems while preserving midtones.

The afternoon session will centre on InDesign CS, Acrobat 6.0 Professional, Illustrator CS, and Photoshop CS features for graphics professionals, such as new typographical and layering functions.

Limited space is still available for the event. Register online or call 0845 330 1600.