A protest to free Adobe hacker, Dmitry Sklyarov is planned outside London's US Embassy this week.

Protesters will rally at London's Hyde Park Corner tube station on August 3 at 12:30pm. From there protesters will march to the US Embassy.

Julian Midgley, principle consultant for Zeus Technology, is co-ordinating the Free Sklyarov Campaign Web site. He said the protest has a number of aims.

Copyright awareness He wants to secure Sklyarov's release and raise awareness of the issues surrounding the Digital Media Copyright Act (DMCA) that imprisons him.

Sklyarov, who works for Russian security specialists Elcomsoft, was arrested for allegedly selling software that breaks code used to encrypt Adobe eBooks, which is illegal under the DMCA passed two years ago in the US.

Midgely feels Sklyarov has been unjustly imprisoned. He said: "Sklyarov was one of a team of programmers who wrote the software that caused the problem.

"He didn't write all the software, and he didn't sell it himself – that was done by Elcomsoft. One hopes that Americans direct the law against the employers rather than the employee."

The DMCA stops trafficking of devices that circumvent copyright protection. It was introduced in the US after the World Intellectual Property Organisation advised nations to introduce laws protecting the copyright of digital media.

Midgley added: "Sklyarov is likely to go to trial if nothing changes. If he is convicted, he will receive a sentence of up to five years or a $500,000 fine."