A UK developer won a major award at the FileMaker Developer Conference last week.

MaJic Solutions developer Mike Smith was awarded the 'Outstanding Contribution to FileMaker Awareness in Europe' award by the Apple-owned company. The Developer Conference was the most well-attended in history, with 1,400 developers making their way there.

It was also the forum for the final of the company's Developer Solution Contest. Solutions developed by the prize winners and others are featured on the devcon Web site.

Creative ingenuity

FileMaker vice president of marketing and services Ryan Rosenberg said: "The variety and quality of the solutions show that FileMaker Pro is a strategic technology for organizations that want to work smarter and more productively. All the developers who entered this talent search are to be congratulated for their ingenuity and creativity."

The Grand Prize winner was Bob Shockley of the Alchemy Group, who developed a patient management system for radiation oncology practices.

Other winning solutions included: an estimating solution for construction and underground utility businesses; a chart-generation plug-in; developers assisting tools; a seating solution for handling celebrities attending massive industry movie screenings; a fund management solution for financial houses; and a business management solution.

All the winning entries are available on FileMaker's devcon Web site.