FileMaker UK will offer a free preview of FileMaker Server 7 later this month to all its FileMaker customers.

The company is accepting pre-registrations for the previews now through its Web site. Preview users will be able to employ a functional pre-release version of the forthcoming server product, which can be used with the trial or full version of FileMaker Pro 7. Anyone preregistering will get an email when the Preview is made available.

FileMaker Server 7 is high-performance server software that efficiently manages shared FileMaker Pro 7 databases.

This new server product haas a significantly remodelled server architecture that can host millions of data tables and employ high-performance hard disk storage systems, multi-CPU server hardware, and a wide range of server operating systems.

It offers industry-standard security, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and is capable of backing up data with no downtime.

"We've had overwhelming positive response to our recently released FileMaker Pro 7 and our customers are eager to begin testing their server-based solutions and planning their upgrades and new deployments," said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, marketing and services, FileMaker.

"The preview is an excellent way for users of shared FileMaker 7 databases to get acquainted with the new features in this product, including data transfer encryption and much more," added Rosenberg.

"Since it works with our FileMaker Pro 7 trial version, it is also a free opportunity for anyone to experiment with a complete state-of-the art easy-to-use workgroup database solution."

FileMaker Server 7 costs £650 (£325 upgrade)> Later this year the company will release FileMaker Server 7 Advanced, which costs £1,650 and FileMaker Mobile 7, which costs £45.