The music industry continues to engage in its attack against file sharers in the UK and Europe.

The BPI yesterday announced another 33 legal cases against illegal filesharers, raising the number of people in the UK facing legal action to 90.

Meanwhile, the IFPI has launched its own action against 963 filesharers in eleven countries, it announced yesterday.

The BPI revealed that its October 2004 first wave of legal action against 26 filesharers have, "all now been settled with defendants paying more than £50,000 total in compensation."

In March the organisation initiated actions against 31 other filesharers. The BPI has secured necessary court permissions to demand ISPs hand over the filesharer's identities and they were written to yesterday, "with details of the BPI's legal claims against them", the organisation confirmed.

BPI general counsel Geoff Taylor said: "We have warned people time and again that unauthorised filesharing is against the law. Anyone who is engaged in this activity faces having to pay thousands of pounds in compensation. It’s now easy to get music online legally. We will maintain our campaign until the message gets across."