UK software developer The Foundry will show a technology preview of its Furnace plug-in for Shake 2.5 at electronic-media event IBC 2002.

Apple recently-acquired Shake, the industry-standard digital-video compositing and effects application. A note on Apple's Web site explains: “What better place than IBC for Apple to consolidate its position at the forefront of the desktop-video industry?” IBC attracts around 45,000 film and television attendees each year.

As well as Shake 2.5, Apple will demonstrate: Final Cut Pro; Cinema Tools; DVD Studio Pro; Mac OS X 10.2; Xserve; a variety of QuickTime solutions; the PowerBook G4; and the new G4 Power Macs.

Apple is also offering a full programme of presentations exploring the application of its products in desktop digital-video.

The Foundry's Furnace suite for Shake helps film compositors correct complex but day-to-day problems when working on film effects shots. It has taken two years to develop and is scheduled to ship later this year.

Furnace plug-ins include: Wire Removal; Rig Removal (to remove foreground objects); Retimer (to build in-between frames into a sequence); Steadiness (camera shake correction); Deflicker; Degrain; Regrain and Texture Replication tools.

“We started using Furnace on some of our most difficult wire-removal shots on Highbinders, a Jackie Chan movie, and the results were amazing,” said Angela Barson, senior compositor with The Moving Picture Company. “Our wire-removal team now regularly uses Furnace and it's saving us weeks of time.”

The show runs from September 13-17 in Amsterdam.