Mac users in buildings that don't easily support wireless networks who want to avoid the time and expense of wiring a wired network have a new solution that uses existing electricity cables.

European HomePlug technology company devolo has introduced Mac OS X support for its MicroLink dLAN range of adaptors.

All devolo UK products launched in 2004 are OS X compatible, including the MicroLink dLAN Starter Kit and the MicroLink dLAN Ethernet adaptors.

While this technology does not enable users to get online using their power lines externally, it does allow users to set up a network within their home.

They need one device to connect to their modem or broadband modem, and others distributed across the home using the installed power lines.

devolo marketing director Christoph Roesseler said: "An increasing number of people use Macs in the home, and they want to network them and extend their Internet access with the least effort.

"This form of networking is the easiest available today, especially if you're living in older buildings where there are thick walls and multi-floors. Wireless devices can really struggle in these environments."

The company's products ship with a three-year warranty and a support helpline that's open between 9am and 7pm.