Making heavy use of Apple technology, the second-ever Campus MovieFest in Scotland ended at St Andrews University with a black tie ball May 10.

Campus MovieFest saw 1,000 students and staff from the University get together in 80 teams to make a movie in one week using Apple iBook G4s, iMovie, GarageBand and Canon digital video cameras. Participants get to keep the equipment for the full week, and receive 30 minutes iMovie training.

Founded at Emory University in the US, Campus MovieFest supplies easy-to-use Apple iMovie technology along with training and inspiration. The concept is now taking off around the world as its creators Ideas United share the concept with dozens of universities and other organizations.

Campus MovieFest Scotland organiser David Roemer told Macworld: "For many involved being part of the competition gave them the first chance to use Apple technology."

Ben Hood, one of the student organizers said: "While many say that students at St Andrews University are apathetic, Campus MovieFest has shown that given the right opportunity, they love to express their stories and their excitement. To see so many students watching their movies on the big screen made all of the work worthwhile."

The best movies were showcased at the full-to-capacity black tie bash, and are available to view online today. Teams also won prizes, including trips around Scotland and movie rentals.

Using simple to apprehend Apple technologies in a creative way seemingly changed the life of one of the winners. Winnner Ben Hecking explained: "Campus MovieFest has opened my eyes to the possibilities that film making offers. I'm now looking forward to a career in that industry, instead of my previous plans that involved mechanics."

Event sponsors included Apple, Canon, St Andrews Student's Union and Ideas United.