Apple UK has confirmed the company will be selling its most unusual recent product - iPod Socks - in the UK.

The socks will be available "anytime now" through the UK Apple Store. They cost £19.99, and are sold in packs of six different colours: blue, purple, grey, pink, orange and green, and apparently fit all sizes of iPod.

Introducing the socks, Apple CEO Steve Jobs described them as "revolutionary", explaining: "Sometimes we think all the companies that make cases for iPods make more money on them than we do on the player, so our design team came up with, socks."

To loud laughter, Jobs said: "They're really cool, actually, you can put your iPod in them, they keep it warm on cold days, they protect it and they give it a little more personality."

Apple's US store states: "Forgive us if we're stating the obvious, but here's how it works: Just slide your iPod into the sock to keep it safe and warm. Slide it out to dock or change playlists. It's as easy as putting on a pair of socks."