Apple's free iTools are now available throughout the world, just a month after their North America-only roll-out at San Francisco's Macworld Expo. The revamped Apple UK Web site now has the new-look top tab bars, as well as iCards and iReviews.

iTools offers a suite of services that’s free to all Macintosh users running Mac OS 9. There are currently four iTools:

KidSafe: A "breakthrough way" to safeguard children on the Internet, KidSafe specifies what kids can see, instead of trying to filter out what they shouldn’t see. There are currently over 55,000 KidSafe sites - approved by certified teachers and librarians across the US - with over 10,000 new sites being added every month. Apple hasn't commented on whether UK specialists will join the ranks of its certifiers. Apple is also offering a free e-mail service that gives you an exclusive address ([email protected]). It works with standard POP email clients like Eudora, Microsoft Outlook Express and Netscape Communicator.

iDisk: This is the premier service, a full, free 20MB of personal storage on Apple’s Internet servers. Use them to store and move files. You'll never hanker after a floppy again. You can also use iDisk to personalize your own iCards.

HomePage: the easiest way to build your own Web site - in less than 10 minutes. Your personal Web site can include electronic photo albums, iMovies, resumés and announcements, and you can update it as often as you like.

iReviews & iCards iReview is a Web-site review guide, with Web sites reviewed and rated by Apple. iCards is Apple’s electronic greeting-card site, offering good-looking greetings cards that can be sent and viewed via standard email.

When he announced the Apple Web-site revamp in January, CEO Steve Jobs said that "our new iReviews, iCards and the revolutionary iTools offer amazing new ways for Mac users to take full advantage of the Internet".