UK Apple fans will get their first chance to take an in-depth look at Maya for Mac at Apple's DVD Simplified seminar in October.

The event reaches the UK on October 16 at Kensington Town Hall, London. Similar events are taking place in cities across Europe, as Apple applies a more targeted, solutions-based approach to reaching its customers.

It's aimed at professional video-producers and multimedia developers. It's also built for video enthusiasts, and aims to teach attendees about Apple's DVD-authoring applications - iDVD and DVD Studio Pro).

Apple will demonstrate how to use multimedia products - including iMovie, Final Cut Pro, QuickTime and Photoshop - in the DVD authoring process.

Apple representatives will be there to brief attendees on its products. In the afternoon, Alias|Wavefront will be running a "Maya on the Mac" showcase, giving a long-awaited glimpse of the application.

Registration is open now, though places are limited.