The Mirror newspaper has published an opinion piece by iPod advocate, Dylan Jones.

“How the iPod changed my life” is Jones’ story of falling in love with Apple’s music player, which fills a similar space in his heart to that the Sony Walkman occupied in the 80’s.

Jones calls the iPod, “probably the coolest thing in the world right now”, and reveals he first got Apple’s music player 18 months ago.

Total addiction

He talks about his obsession: how he spent months digitizing his vinyl and cassette collections, choosing which songs to put into iTunes, and his gentle introduction to legitimate download services.

“Over the next six months, I began loading my iPod as though my life depended on it,” he writes. “In the space of just a few months I was totally addicted.”

Reflecting many anecdotal reports, Jones’s reveals that owning the music player has helped him to reconnect with music: “It helped me re-establish relationships with records I hadn't heard in years.”

Summing-up, Jones (who is the author of the recently-released “iPod, Therefore I Am” book) wrote: “My whole life is here, 40GB of memory, 30 years of memories. Every song I've ever cared about is in here somewhere, waiting in its chosen spot, hugging the wall until it's chosen to dance.”