iMovie, Apple's consumer home video-editing software, is now available as a free download for PowerBooks and Power Mac G4s.

The download, however, is only available for US users, and Apple UK sources were unable to say if and when a UK version would materialize.

According to Steve Jobs, the iMovie's popularity persuaded Apple to offer the software to other Mac owners. He said: "In seven months, iMovie has become the most popular video editing software in the world. Due to popular demand, we're bringing this amazing Apple software to a wider range of Macintosh users, at no charge."

Introduced in October 1999, iMovie comes pre-installed on all iMac DV and iMac Special Edition Systems. Until now, buying an iMac was the only way for budding movie-makers to get their hands on the software.

US users can either download the software from Apple's Web site, or order a CD for $19.99. The 19.2MB download version is fully-functional, but doesn't include the 160MB tutorial.