Small and medium businesses in the UK are not developing Web strategies, according to a report by research group Phillips.

The report, called International Data Useage by European SMEs, found only 12% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have developed and implemented a Web strategy, and 40 per cent of SMEs have no Web site strategy.

A second report, called A view of the 21st Century news consumer" from online newscaster Zatso, claims that 65 per cent of online users are interested in online news, and that Internet use for obtaining news has grown from three to 23 per cent since 1996.

One third of the 1,024 adults interviewed for the Zatso report read news or information on the Internet daily, but 75 per cent still prefer TV as their main news medium. 82 per cent of TV viewers want to be able to skip past a news story, while 58 per cent of online users would like to learn more about the stories they care about most. 67 per cent of online users and 58 per cent of the general public believe they can make better decisions than news editors do when selecting stories of interest to them.