UK Online has launched its new national UK 22Mb broadband service, which costs just £29.99 per month.

Available to over 4.4 million homes in most urban areas, it uses next generation broadband technology, ADSL2+. There is a one-off £25 connection charge and users must purchase an ADSL2+ wireless router which costs an additional £79.99.
Customers who have tested the service have noted that the amount of bandwidth they have to use enables them to simultaneously surf the Internet, watch streaming media, download files and play online games with no appreciable impact on speed.

UK Online general manager Chris Stening said: "After extensive testing on our network, and customer trials, we are delighted to be launching the first ADSL2+-based broadband available nationally. While some customers will get 22Mb or even more, up to 24Mb, the quality of their phone line and distance from the exchange will dictate their maximum speed -which is why we give customers a pragmatic estimate of the speed their line will support before they sign up."
The service offers download speeds of up to 22Mb, and upload speeds of up to 768K, depending on line quality and distance from the exchange. There are no usage caps.