A new UK-based event for open source creative users has been announced, FAVE.

FAVE is a new event for people who are interested in open source creative software on multiple platforms. It takes place Saturday August 20 at the Trinity Community and Arts Centre in Bristol. It opens at 10am, starts at 11am and costs £5.

The event aims to be an, "accessible festival of fun with performances, presentations and workshops.

Topics include: music production; recording and film-making; community media; streaming content servers; interfaces; digital TV regulation and Creative Commons licensing.

Networking, Internet access and media streaming will be provided by Bristol Wireless.

Speakers include: James Wallbank of the Art for all at Access Space; Tom Chance of Remix Reading and the Creative Commons; Michael Sparks (BBC Research & Development), who will discuss streaming media with the BBC's open source Kamaelia software.

Further details are available on the event's website.