Europe's first dedicated podcasting conference took place on September 17 in London.

"What began as five blokes in a pub, back in January eventually developed into PodcastCon, explained event organizer Paul Nicholls.

The show attracted over one hundred attendees, including amateur and professional podcasters. It was sponsored by ISP Be.

Event speakers included traditional broadcasters such as the BBC and Virgin Radio, as well as pioneers from the burgeoning independent UK podcast industry.

Delegates discussed many different issues: using and promoting music in podcasts; the educational potential of podcasting; possible legal pitfalls; and how podcasting might be used as a business tool.

Many of the speakers spoke about the positive impact iTunes' has had on podcast audience figures, with Virgin Radio's head of new media strategy, James Cridland, admitting that the strong interest in the station's initial offerings had caught him by surprise. Both Virgin Radio and the BBC have plans to make more of their content available as a podcast.

The following day Nicholls, better known as Podcast Paul welcomed the show's success: "I can honestly say that it was so superb it was moving. It really was the realization of a dream come true."