Apple UK has launched a fresh wave of TV advertising in the UK to promote its G5 Power Mac, as early customers begin to take delivery of their new purchases.

Apple sources told Macworld that the 'Aftermath' campaign will be aired across the UKs dominant commercial channels – ITV, Channel 4, Sky One and Sky Sports – until the end of September.

The 30-second advertisement celebrates the speed and performance of the Power Mac G5. A man appears to have been blasted from his home office into the garden by his G5, literally tearing a hole through his house.

Apple keeps to tradition with the recruitment of Jeff Goldblum, who provides the voice over: "Introducing the Power Mac G5. The world's fastest, most powerful, personal computer", he intones.

The creative directors were Lee Clow, Duncan Miller and Eric Grunbaum. The piece was produced by House of Usher with pre-production by Nomad. It was shot in Hidden Hills, California.

Apple has made its new advertisement available online in QuickTime format.