Aspyr has released a demo version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, the fourth in the series of skateboarding games.

However, UK sources claim that despite positive reviews in the US, the Tony Hawks series hasn't really achieved anticipated sales in the UK.

The latest game sees players take on the role of legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and 13 other professional skateboarders as they skate through free-roaming levels.

Gamers can choose from 190 progressively harder goals, including helping a San Francisco bike messenger locate five lost packages. Every map features cash stashed in hard-to-reach places that players can spend on new skate decks and clothes, secret levels, skaters, and special tricks.

The game's enhanced career-mode allows players to earn respect and the chance to take on new pro goals by conquering a skater-specific Pro Challenge based on each skater's personal history. Players can also build their skills to perform 14 of the greatest skateboarding stunts of all time.

One of the new moves in THPS 4 is Skitching, allowing players to grab cars and ride behind them. A new feature is spine transfer, which passes you from the back of one quarter-pipe ramp to the back of one next to it. THPS 4 also allows up to eight players to compete online.

The game, which has been available on console platforms since October 2002, has been developed for Mac and PC by Beenox. A 96 MB demo can be downloaded here.