The first batch of Mac OS X 10.4 orders have begun reaching some Macworld UK readers.

When Apple announced the operating system would be available from 6pm on April 29, it invited customers to pre-order the product in order to enjoy, "free delivery to your door on the day of launch".

The company has also promised an exclusive online seminar to early purchasers, which some customers who have already installed the operating system should already be using.

Many UK users were discomfited when Apple last launched an operating system, Mac OS X 10.3 'Panther'. This is because the company promised to deliver the OS on the release date, but in the end the goods were sent Parcel Post the day before that date. This meant many UK customers didn't receive the goods as advertised on the day of launch.

'Give us a chance' - Jobs

Apple was reported to the Advertising Standards Authority on that occasion.

One Macworld reader reportedly wrote to Apple to threaten similar action should the company fail to meet its obligation this time around.

He received a very short email purportedly from Apple CEO Steve Jobs in return.

Mr Jobs wrote: "Why don't you at least give us a chance and wait until Friday?"

It appears the company is meeting its promise.

Have you received your copy of Tiger? Have you had a chance to install it, or will you be acquiring the system tonight? Macworld's Forums are the place to go to share first impressions and experiences of Apple's new Big Cat.