Apple has confirmed a delay in shipping iPod minis worldwide, confirming UK resellers concerns that the shortage of iPod minis in the US will cause Apple to miss its April deadline for shipping the players in the UK and worldwide.

The iPod Mini has sold out after a month in US stores, according to The Guardian. Apple marketing vice president Greg Joswiak told USA Today: "We're asking people to be patient with us. We're making and shipping them as fast as we can."

One UK reseller told Macworld: "I think Apple will concentrate on meeting demand in the States before it focuses on a new territory."

Another reseller holds little hope that iPod minis will arrive in the UK in April. "I don't expect iPod minis to arrive here until June. We've had no indication of dates from Apple yet."

Other resellers believe that Apple's failure to confirm pricing for the iPod in the UK is another indication that the device will not be here by April. One said: "We haven't had any indication yet from Apple of availability. I would have expected it to have confirmed UK pricing by now if the iPod mini was going to be available in April."

Apple is yet to post order-details for the iPod mini on its online store for resellers. According to one reseller this is another indication of a delay. "They aren't even available on the resellers store yet, and we haven't received any indication from Apple as to when we will be able to place orders."

Another reseller said: "I think Apple will ship a limited number of iPod minis in May, so that it can say the shipping date was not significantly delayed. But stocks will be very limited over the summer."

Is this such bad news for Apple? Not necessarily. NPD analyst Steve Baker told USA Today: "Being sold out creates a lot of buzz for Apple," but, he warns: "It can't leave retailers hanging for too long. Competitors Creative Labs and Rio Audio who have similar small MP3 music players selling for less will benefit."

According to the Guardian, Apple UK insists there will be "plenty of iPod minis to go around", but the report suggests that "there is a chance that the iPod famine of last summer will return".