Apple has attracted yet another high-profile company. This time the UK's largest ad agency, Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV), has made the move to Mac.

The company has deployed an in-house production facility based on Apple solutions, with Xsan an integral part of the move.

An in-depth report on Apple's website reveals AMV to have deployed the full weight of Apple's production solutions, from Macs to Xserves, Xsan to Xserves, and, of course, Final Cut Pro.

AMV clients are household names, including: the BBC, Sainsbury's, Guinness, The Economist and BT. As the company spent £4 million each year outsourcing production, it decided to build its own facility, The Lab.

Mark Keller, head of post–production chose Apple because its solutions met his needs - and price was the killer punch to seal the deal: "Not only was Apple the most cost–effective solution, but the technology is capable of doing everything we want it to do. Xsan really made the difference by allowing us to create a shared storage environment," he said.

AMV CEO Farah Ramzan Golant said: "We've opted for Apple because of the unparalleled quality, speed and cost–efficiency it offers. Now, instead of going out to third–parties, we can stay in–house and stay on top of costs while also maintaining creative continuity."

The report offers an in-depth explanation of how AMV has set up its systems to derive the maximum benefit from The Lab, which is already in full use at the company.