NESTA Futurelab has announced its fifth Digital Dialogue conference for UK education professionals hoping to apply technology in education.

The conference will look at "fostering collaboration and conversation in education", and takes place March 24-25. The event costs £265, or £195 for educators.

"In the age of broadband communications and mobile phones there have never been more mechanisms for dialogue between people. Despite this, the potential for learners and teachers to exploit these technologies is only now beginning to emerge as an important aspect of our education system," the respected Mac-friendly research centre says.

A series of keynote speeches, workshops and case-studies at the event aim to "discover how teachers and learners can exploit new mechanisms for collaboration in the age of broadband and mobile phones."

Key speakers include: Neil Mercer (Open University) and Professor Jay Lemke (University of Michigan), who will debate how learners gain understanding and make meaning through language and other means. Professor Kathy Sykes (University of Bristol) discusses the opportunities offered by schools, science centres and the media to people learning about science, and explores how these different sectors might work together better to support children's learning.

This event for technology-savvy educators will be followed at the end of March by Apple's Apple Teacher Institute event in Cheltenham. This event will offer educators the chance to experiment with digital tools – such as Macs and digital video – in order to harness them in the education sector. This takes place from March 30 to April 2.