This year's Apple's Teacher Institute attracted 150 education professionals - double last year's attendance.

The company's annual event for UK teachers took place at Cheltenham College, Gloucester, from April 8-11. Attendees experienced four days learning and discussing best practice in the use of digital media in education.

Among the subjects covered were iDVD 3, iMovie 3, Mac OS X, DVD Studio Pro 2, Final Cut Pro 4, Final Cut Express, QuickTime Pro, Live Channel Pro, BTV Pro. Also covered were iMacs, iBooks, eMacs, PowerBooks and a selection of Canon's digital video cameras.

One LEA (Local Education Authority) representative - who previously was a PC user - said: "One of the best things was the inclusiveness and willingness from everyone to maximise the opportunities for us all to learn together".

In the wake of the show, additional resources regarding digital video in education have emerged, including a site called Digital Video in Education, which offers resources and discussion forums for those working in the field.