Connectix will launch a European PAL version of its Virtual Game Station "in about six weeks", despite looming legal action from Sony. The company is also set to launch a Windows version on Monday.

Connectix is releasing the new versions in the face of a lawsuit filed by Sony, claiming that Connectix has infringed patent rights with its PlayStation software emulator.

The software has been at the centre of controversy ever since it was announced at last July’s Macworld Expo in New York. Sony won an injunction against Connectix on the grounds that it infringed copyright laws, but this decision was then overturned and the injunction lifted. In a further twist to the plot, Sony then responded with a patent lawsuit.

A Connectix source said: "We heard the court's opinion on Thursday, closed down for a party on Friday, and on the Monday Sony slapped another lawsuit on us."

The company has apparently been inundated with requests for a version that works with the PAL PlayStation games, and the PAL version of the software is well underway.

In other Connectix product news SpeedDoubler and SurfExpress Deluxe could be updated for Mac OS 9 compatibility. Initially, Connectix spruned the idea of an upgrade, because Mac OS 9 has the major features offered in SpeedDoubler and SurfExpress already built-in.

But the company is re-considering after being innundated with requests for a Mac OS 9 version.