Apple's Mac OS X 10.2 launch has attracted some criticism – particularly from smaller dealers.

Apple sold 100,000 copies of its new operating system worldwide over two days. The product sold out at some locations in the UK, Macworld reported yesterday.

However, smaller independent Apple resellers report problems acquiring stock for their customers. One dealer told Macworld: “I didn't get Jaguar until August 27, and lost several orders from people who wandered into John Lewis, or ordered via mail and had it delivered Saturday morning."

Apple first “Those that ordered from the Apple Store had it delivered Friday,” he complained. Some Macworld readers have reported delays receiving the OS, though orders are shipping and extensive delays are not expected.

Large- and medium-sized Mac dealers have experienced good sales, but have experienced some delivery problems. “Mac OS X went well, there was a little glitch in delivery, but we were as much to blame. We sold 60 units on the Saturday,” revealed a dealer from the North of the country.

Despite shipping delays to some locations, dealers who have been able to supply product agree: “Jaguar was well received by all, and sales exceeded our expectations.”

Some prospective customers have suffered as a result of Apple's success. “All my local dealers are out of stock,” complained a reader. It's thought that fresh consignments of Mac OS X 10.2 should begin reaching dealers Friday.

One final measure of Apple's successful launch can be found on Amazon UK – the operating system upgrade has been the biggest selling software item on the giant e-tail site since last week.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has described the launch as "a home run". Sales have set a new record for the Mac OS in a single weekend.