Ukrainian developers have released free image editing software that uses Apple's Core Image software.

BeLight Software's free Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger software - Image Tricks - lets users of the OS apply powerful special effects and image editing operations, but is designed for entry-level users.

The software includes 35 Image Units, and also works as a plug-in for other applications from the company. It also integrates with iPhoto.

Image Tricks will import most major image types and can export to TIFF and JPEG. It's capable of basic tasks, such as image resizing, and also offers a full range of filters, as listed below.

Distortion filters: Twirl, bump, pinch;
Stylise filters: Mosaic, crystalize, use halftone effects;
Blur filters: Zoom, motion;
Colour adjustment filters: Saturation, brightness, contrast, hue;
Effects filters: Crystallize, bloom, gloom.

The software is available for download here.