Ultralingua has launched its Accio range of bilingual dictionaries.

The company's general manager Chad Johnson explained how the software works: "Now users will be able to get translations and definitions quickly when reading on a computer, with one simple click. Users simply point at a word in nearly any application or text window and when they click a 'hot key,' a window pops up with translations and definitions from our extensive language databases. The dictionaries even automatically recognise and translate conjugated and irregular word forms."

The Accio Dictionary for Macintosh and Windows includes up to 80,000 indexed translations, along with idiomatic expressions, slang, and indications of usage.

They also feature general purpose travel and daily words, but are less full-featured than standard Ultralingua dictionaries. The company recently released Accio dictionaries for iPods, complete with talking phrasebooks.

The dictionaries cost $19.95. Ten-day evaluation versions are available for download.