UltraLingua has updated to version 3.7 its collection of language dictionaries.

The dictionaries are included in the extra software collection are offered with all the new iMacs sold in Europe, bar the entry-level model. This version is more stable, offers improved indexing, and contains major additions to many of the dictionary databases. Grammar references have also been added to the Spanish and German dictionaries.

Version 3.7 has been Carbonized for Mac OS X. It will also run under OS 9.x, if Apple's Carbon library is installed.

It's a free upgrade to registered users of version 3.x. UltraLingua's dictionaries cost $23.95 (for monolingual dictionaries) and $29.95 (for multilingual ones).

The company has released a new French-German dictionary, and announced Palm OS-compatible versions of its dictionary collection.

Available dictionaries include: French-English; French-English Medical; Spanish-English; German-English; French-German; French-Spanish; and Italian-English.