Umax has confirmed it's working on Mac OS X drivers for its scanners.

Its MagicScan 5 driver – written natively for Mac OS X – is currently in beta testing and has reached version 5.07b. The illustration shows the beta driver running under Mac OS X. Umax are applying an Aqua interface to the scanner's software.

Phil Binks, Umax UK's scanner product manager, claimed: "Umax is also currently writing a Mac OS X VistaScan driver, which is due for release in May or June of this year. This is designed to support new Astra models in development."

Industry plans The company joins Epson and Canon in confirming plans to release Mac OS X drivers and OS X-compatible scanners in the second quarter of 2002, implying that professional designers could expect to migrate fully to Mac OS X by then, assuming the applications they require reach the platform.

The company also has a beta scanner driver (v. 5.01) for its PowerLook 1100 FireWire-based scanner. This driver is available for free download from the company's Web site.

Umax has announced two new 35mm scanners, the PowerLook 270 and 270+. Both SCSI devices are designed for 35mm film scanning. They offer a resolution of 2,700dpi, and resultant images allow for full reproduction on litho presses, and "well over" A3 reproduction on inkjet and RA4 output devices, the company claims. The scanners ship with Adobe Photoshop Elements, and cost £349 and £499.

Meanwhile, a new Mac OS X beta (7.5b6) version of independently-developed scanner driver VueScan is now available from Hamrick Software.