The American Army has moved its web sites to a more secure platform – the Macintosh. This follows the arrest of a 19-year-old Wisconsin computer hacker, for accessing sensitive military sites.

After placing export restrictions on the high-end G4 models last week, the American security forces have given further credence to Apple claims to be producing superior PCs.

Apart from Macintosh's Y2K compliance, we are told that Macintosh is also more secure. Switching from Windows NT, to web servers running WebSTAR on Mac OS servers is a major step forward, displaying huge faith in the Mac.

Apparently acting under advice from the World Wide Web Consortium, the army chose its new platform because Macintosh does not have a command shell – the part of the OS that deals with commands – and does not allow remote logins. The Consortium also found no specific security problems in software or server.