Games developer United Developers has repeated its call for beta testers for its forthcoming game releases – because most of the responses have gone astray.

Jason Whong, who handles marketing and communications for the company, says: "Due to circumstances beyond our control, we’ve lost most of the emails sent to us by prospective testers.

"We are still looking, and those who have attempted to email us once already should attempt to do so again, we would be most appreciative."

Last week, United Developers appealed for beta testers for four of its titles – Majesty, Sin, Wages of Sin and Fighter Squadron.

Majesty is near completion, Sin and Wages of Sin are set for release later this year. Fighter Squadron flies in close behind. The beta versions of all these games will run on any G3 Mac.

United Developers asks that potential beta testers have "good writing skills, and a love of gaming" and a "high-speed Internet connection is necessary". Beta testers will get a copy of the final product.

Those who responded to last weeks call, and others interested in volunteering to beta test the new titles should write to United Developers.