In the run-up to Linux Expo in October, Apple has published a study of Linux users’ move to Mac OS X.

In the article, "Unix guru" Simon Cozens talks about his conversion to OS X. Discussing his first impression of the operating system, he says: "It seems that Apple had finally found a stable platform on which to indulge their famous proclivities for smooth design. I realised then the dream of Unix on the desktop had been realised. It is indeed possible to have the best of both worlds," he continues.

Cozens looks at the multiple applications for Unix that exist within Apple's OS, Terminal, and filing system. He looks at some of the applications available within the open-source community that add value to the system; he also makes some criticism of certain elements of the OS: packaging ("a mess").

He concludes: "Mac OS X does precisely what I want from an operating system."

The piece was originally published in the UK Unix User Group newsletter. Linux Expo UK 2002 runs from October 9-10 at London's Olympia, Apple will exhibit at the show.