Destineer's MacSoft unit will publish Unreal Tournament 2004 for the Mac, the company announced today.

Original developer Epic Games' programmer Mark Rein said: "We've been working on the Mac version of Unreal Tournament 2004 right alongside the Windows version. Mac users should get a nice surprise when the official ship dates are announced."

MacSoft founder Peter Tamte said: "Unreal Tournament 2004 is more proof of Epic's awesome commitment to the Mac platform. It's going to be a thrill going online against both Mac and Windows players when this game ships."

The game will feature land, air and space vehicles of varying sizes along with a dazzling array of weapons, guaranteed for frag-fest action. The title introduces new arenas and battlefields – 20 new maps, the original 2003 maps and the bonus pack maps. It also sees the re-introduction of UT 2002's Assault mode and new races and opponents to play or conquer.

Additional features will include demo recording, so star gamers can record their moves to show new warriors the freedom of the frag. The user interface is customizable, software rendering is supported and the game supports live chat across local and Internet networks.

Machinima-fans will also enjoy the product's UnrealTV broadcast system, which means hundreds of viewers can log on to watch rivals fight.

Because the game ships with the Unreal Tournament 2003 maps built-in, UT 2004 owners will be able to jump onto any 2003 game server to join the action.

Unreal Tournament is expected to ship midway through the first quarter 2004.