Westlake Interactive has released a preview version of Unreal Tournament for OS X.

It's available for download, however Westlake warns: "This is pre-release software and has many known problems. It may not even work at all on certain systems." Other than these problems, the preview works with a full version of the game, and adds Mac OS X compatibility.

Westlake adds: "The Preview requires that you have either Unreal Tournament version 436 or Unreal Tournament Game of the Year installed. It will not work with any previous versions of Unreal Tournament. Also, Mac OS 10.0.4 is required, and 10.1 is highly recommended. This is a very early release intended only for the brave."

Because it's a preview version, games developer Westlake and publisher MacSoft will provide no support for the release. Among the many known problems within the preview are: Modifier keys do not function; music is not supported; mouse controls may be sluggish; only full screen mode is supported; and only mouse and keyboard inputs are supported.