Apple is working on an update for its new iTunes 11 that will bring back the ability to find duplicate songs in your iTunes library.

That's according to Walt Mossberg, who, in his review of iTunes 11 for All Things D, wrote that Apple has said the duplicate finding feature "will soon be restored in a minor update of the program. SEE: iTunes 11 review

Before the arrival of iTunes 11 last month, users could search their music library for duplicates using the 'Display Exact Duplicates' option.

Other features that were removed in the redesign of iTunes include Cover Flow, and Mossberg reports that Apple claims it "found too few users considered it useful."

Users also spotted some bugs in iTunes 11, despite the software's delay so that Apple could spend "a little extra time to get it right". Among these are missing album covers and a bug that can prevent Apple TV users from wirelessly streaming cloud-based movies to their TVs. Both of these bugs will be fixed in the upcoming update, Apple told Mossberg. SEE: Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting iTunes 11

Meanwhile, Apple has reportedly rejected an app update from the Mac App Store that would have notified Mountain Lion users whenever iTunes 11 played a new song.

The Loop reports that developer Sherief Farouk said that Apple rejected the update to his Listening To app because showing the "iTunes 'now playing' or track changes is a misuse of Notification Center."

The rejection could hint that Apple is planning to add notifications to iTunes 11 itself, as the app had been previously approved with the notification features prior to iTunes 11's launch.

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