Walt Disney has left Mac users in the cold of Narnia's everlasting winter with its new Narnia movie clip for iPod promotion.

Direct Marketing News reports Walt Disney has decided to let consumers watch and download promotional video clips for the movie to computers, and then to video iPods.

While Mac users can watch the clips online using QuickTime, and can watch/listen to a variety of Walt Disney's podcasts, it appears access to video clips uses software which does not support Macs.

However, the company - Maven Networks - that makes the system for Disney has made a downloadable version of the clip available for download to video iPods. It's available online at the bottom of this page.

Mac users simply need to click the "Get it Now" area at the bottom of that page near the video iPod image. The Narnia files will then be downloaded to a Mac for use in iTunes and to watch on a video iPod.

The company added: "Maven will be delivering full Mac support for its desktop video download software in its next major product release in early 2006."