In the US, Apple has dropped the prices of its 12-inch and 15-inch PowerBooks by up to $300, with prices now starting at $1,599 and $1,999. The 12-inch PowerBook G4 has had its price cut by $200. The price of Apple's 15-inch PowerBook G4 has been slashed by $300. Features on the lower-priced PowerBooks remain identical.

UK prices remain unchanged at this time at £1,399 and £1,899. UK prices include VAT at 17.5 per cent; US prices are without local taxes. Ex. VAT UK prices are £1,190 (equivalent to $1,960) and £1,616 ($2,662).

Apple has now dramatically altered the look of its UK online Apple Store to bring it in line with the US Apple Store, which moved to the new layout several weeks ago.

Apple's 15-inch PowerBook G4 is the only pro Mac laptop still made of Titanium. The 12-inch and 17-inch models announced in January have newer aluminium cases.